Hair Care

How to care for the Braided Wigs

1.Wash your Africa braided wig in either lukewarm or cold water with a mild shampoo. Never wash wigs in steaming hot water as this can cause the braids to look chapped and because braided wigs are synthetic, washing it with hot water will damage the fibres and the braids will fall out.

2.Always moisturize, after washing your wigs always ensure that you use a styling moose and hair spray on it, to enable it look good and stay shinning.

3.Do not use any form of heated equipment at close range on your wig. This includes hair dryers. Remember that your wig is synthetic, heat can make it melt.

4.Do not sleep in your braided wigs because this can cause the tips to tangle.

5.Always hang your braided wig when not it use. Do not tie it in a nylon bag or something like that. Always keep it in an airy
place. Take care of your natural hair underneath. Remember to loosen the weaves, wash and remake every 2-3weeks.

6.Do not allow your wig to remain damp too long, as this will cause them to become a bacteria breeding ground. Hang them in a sunny place where they can dry naturally.